Interior Design and Decorating


Offices Retail Hospitality Residential

Do you want to look and feel good in your home or business environment? 4D Design specialises in your wellbeing and productivity, assuring a return on your investment. We offer a full Interior Design and Decorating service interior design package from inception to completion:

  • Design Concept & Development
  • Space Planning
  • Work Spaces
  • Office Furniture, Furniture for the Retail, Hospitality and Residential markets.
  • Custom Made Furniture.
  • Branding
  • Procurement
  • Fit Out & Project Management

One of the key functions of the designer is to interpret the ideas and identity of the client in order to provide an appropriate and functional environment in which to work. Style and branding requirements are taken into account. Interior design itself can also be used as a marketing tool. How an office, hotel or restaurant is designed and laid out is a crucial part of the way it promotes itself. Likewise, a shop window can be designed to draw customers into a shop, while the floor design and positioning of displays can lead them around a space in a way that increases the chances of being attracted to potential purchases. So also, the floor layout and ergonomics in office and corporate design can enhance flow and productivity.

We offer a holistic package, taking into account all the details and elements that build up to a harmonious and functional whole; such as style preferences, colour, architectural details, ceilings and bulkheads, lighting and electrics, ventilation, heating, air conditioning, painting, wall treatments, flooring, joinery and cabinetry, doors, windows (curtaining and blinds), furniture, décor and accessories, fabrics, upholstery, branding, signage and artwork. We work closely with a trusted team of builders, plumbers, engineers, electricians, sound technicians, IT specialists, etc. We facilitate and integrate the necessary services as required by our client and manage turnkey projects.

Not only do we understand the principles and elements of design, colour and function; but also have the experience and skills to apply our knowledge with a rigorous attention to detail and a tenacious ability to implement projects on time and in budget.

It is proven that environment affects wellness – and therefore productivity and turnover. We at 4D DESIGN are also concerned with the factors that affect staff and clients in the work environment – within the realm of space planning, interior design and brand integration, as well as the sensory elements that affect people on a more subtle level. Our cutting edge technology will improve the productivity and wellbeing of management and staff and results in an attractive ROI and improvement of the bottom line, therefore giving your company an advantage in your particular industry.